About the Author

Nadine Slavinski is an archaeologist turned teacher, as well as a sailor and parent. Her travels and work experiences inspire both her fiction and non-fiction books.

Nadine Slavinski’s first career as an archaeologist brought her to excavations in Peru, Costa Rica, and Germany. After discovering the rewards of teaching young visitors about these sites, she made the switch to education, and went on to earn a Master’s of Education from Harvard University. She has been teaching in international schools since 1996.

Her Lesson Plans / Hands-On Learning books draw on her teaching experience and familiarity with a wide range of international education programs. She enjoys teaching in the classroom as well as in non-traditional settings, leading student groups on active learning experiences as near as the school grounds or as far as Tanzania.

A lifelong sailor, Slavinski has taken two extensive sabbaticals with her husband and young son aboard their 35 foot sloop, sailing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans while home schooling. These trips inspire her fiction works, which place memorable characters in exotic locations and vividly capture the fun, fascinating world of globe-trotting sailors.

Slavinski enjoys writing for sailing magazines and is the author of five books, including:
Lesson Plans To Go: Hands-On Learning for Active and Home Schooling Families
Lesson Plans Ahoy: Hands-On Learning for Sailing Children and Home Schooling Sailors
Hawaii by Bike
Germany by Bike
Cycling Europe