Articles by Nadine Slavinski

Pirates and Pieces of Eight in Portobelo. Cruising World, September 2017. Panama is full of fascinating nooks and crannies, the most striking of which might well be historic Portobelo.

Of Sharks and Shadows. Cruising World, October 2015. Just how safe are those inviting tropical waters?

Paradise Unplugged: Southern Vanuatu. Blue Water Sailing, July 2014. Lessons learned in one of the most fascinating island groups of the South Pacific.

What’s the Rush? Cruising World, September 2014. One reason we went cruising was to escape the ticking clock. So what were we rushing off to in Suwarrow, an uninhabited atoll 2000 miles west of nowhere? Reproduced on my blog.

Top Ten Destinations for Cruising Kids in the Caribbean. Caribbean Compass, October, 2015. Our top ten picks for family-friendly cruising stops in the Eastern Caribbean.

At Work and Play in Islas Perlas. Cruising World, September 2013. Sometimes, you really can have it all.

Many Hands, Light Work. Cruising World, August 2013. The impending arrival of a charter fleet sets locals and cruisers alike into a flurry of preparation. Reproduced on my blog.

Portobelo, Panama. Blue Water Sailing, August 2013. A gem of a place, the perfect intermediary stop between the San Blas Islands and gritty Colon. Reproduced on my blog.

In Search of the Polish Navy. Cruising World, June 2013. Listing hulls, ugly figureheads, and unconventional ballast ratios: these were the hallmarks of the “Polish Navy” – my mother’s name for the sincere but sometimes misguided attempts of my Polish-born father and his friend to launch their sailing dreams…

All Treat, No Trick. Cruising World, November 2013. Just how do you “do” Halloween in a remote Pacific anchorage? Reproduced on my blog.

Destinations: Hideaway on New Zealand’s North Island. Cruising World, May 2017. Hidden in a corner of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, this little-known hideaway came in handy during a late spring gale.

Urupukapuka, New Zealand. Blue Water Sailing, January 2017. We have a lot of favorites in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, but Urupukapuka is the one place that has it all: protected anchorages, sandy beaches, and idyllic hikes.

Lanzarote: Stepping Stone to the Atlantic. Cruising World, January/February 2017. A fascinating and practical stopover before crossing the pond.

The Floor of Heaven. Cruising World, December 2016. A fond look back at Phare Amédée before our last major passage in the South Pacific. Reproduced on my blog.

Going with the Flow: Navigating the East Australia Current. Blue Water Sailing, July 2016. An offshore passage from Sydney to Brisbane.

Coastal Cruising Meets Passagemaking. Blue Water Sailing, June 2016. The tale of an eventful delivery cruise along the Queensland coast of Australia.

Celestial Navigation for Voyaging. Ocean Navigator, April 2016. I can’t take credit for this article, but since it’s penned by my husband and a friend who joined us as crew from Panama to the Galapagos Islands, I wanted to mention it here. Read about a pragmatic method that makes sight-taking more fun, fascinating, and often, more accurate, too.

Sailing Home Again. Women & Cruising, April 2016. Navigating the long road back to land life.

Fitting Out. Blue Water Sailing, April 2016. Fitting out a small boat for a big ocean on a moderate budget.

Fiji: Flirting with the Date Line. Blue Water Sailing, March 2016. Fiji is one of the few Pacific island groups that couldn’t be tackled in a one logical, leeward-to-windward direction. There are choices to be made, zigs to be zagged…

If It’s Broke. Cruising World, February 2016. Sometimes, when something breaks aboard, a creative solution can be better than a serious fix.

Cruising Kitty: Will I Have Enough? Women & Cruising, October 15, 2015. Experienced cruisers weigh in on a Q&A session about the costs of long-term cruising.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Picking a Weather Window for a Challenging Passage. Ocean Navigator, September, 2015. Lessons learned from the nerve-wracking experience of choosing a weather window for the tricky passage from Tonga to New Zealand.

Sailing Families Revisited. Women & Cruising, August 20, 2015. A follow-up to the original “12 Questions for 12 Cruising Families” interview in which we take stock of four years of cruising and look ahead to new adventures.

Connecting the Dots in the South Pacific. Blue Water Sailing, July 2015. So many islands between Bora Bora and Tonga, so little time!

Sailing Home Again. Yachtpals, June 23, 2015. The challenges of transitioning back to land after cruising and some factors that can help ease that transition.

Happy and Wise. Cruising World, June 2015. An ode to life afloat, echoing the words of poet John Masefield: The hours that make us happy make us wise. Reproduced on my blog.

Canal, Ho! Cruising World, March 2015. Namani runs a gauntlet to reach the Panama Canal. Reproduced on my blog.

Cruising Home Again. Yachtpals, March 22, 2015. The answer to the question: are you left stranded on the dock once you’ve sold your boat in a foreign country?

Busy Kids, Happy Kids: How to Keep Children Engaged While At Anchor in the Caribbean. Caribbean Compass, February 2015. Part two of this two part series offers tips for keeping young sailors happily occupied with interesting and educational pursuits (page 30-31 of the magazine).

Busy Kids, Happy Kids: How to Keep Children Engaged While Underway. Caribbean Compass, January 2015. Part one of this two part series offers tips for keeping young sailors happily occupied with interesting and educational pursuits (page 40-41 of the magazine).

Drive-by Surfing. Cruising World, January 2015. Those boats circling the anchorage in Bora Bora aren’t vying for a mooring - they’re surfing the Net. Reproduced on my blog.

Weekend Warrior to Ocean Voyager. Blue Water Sailing, January 2015. Ever wonder how to step up from local day sailing to crossing an ocean? We talk about our route to the open sea and the most valuable experiences gained along the way.

A Delicious Diversion. Cruising World, January 2015. There’s not much to capture the attention in “Area F,” the official staging area for small boats waiting to transit the Panama Canal - except the ticking clock and a hearty fish stew. Reproduced on my blog

Pot of Gold. Cruising World, December 2014. A family’s cruising journey culminates under the fireworks of Sydney Harbour.

Broken Bay, Australia. Blue Water Sailing, December 2014. Sydney’s second harbor is a treat in itself.

Sail to Sell Down Under. Ocean Navigator, November/December 2014. The ins and outs of selling a boat in Australia.

A Tongan Feast. Blue Water Sailing, November 2014. Sailing in this island kingdom is a feast for the senses.

Living Aboard: Here Kitty, Kitty. Blue Water Sailing, October 2014. Many sailors finance their dreams by working as they sail. How do they balance work and pleasure? What are the compromises and the rewards?

New Caledonian Retreat. Blue Water Sailing, September 2014. New Caledonia spoils sailors rotten with its aquamarine lagoon, French cuisine, and abundance of sea life.

Multigrain No-Knead Bread. Cruising World, September 2014. Healthy, hearty, and delicious: a recipe for our favorite bread.

Family Adventure Podcast interview, August 2014. A summary of our two sailing sabbaticals and experiences heading back to “land life” and work afterwards.

A Season in New Zealand. Blue Water Sailing, August 2014. Tips on services, sights, and practicalities for sailors spending cyclone season in New Zealand.

Kids on Boats - What About Social Skills? Yachtpals, June 2014. Let’s banish the myth that sailing children are too isolated to develop healthy social skills…

The Laundry’s Out. Cruising World, May 2014. Hand washing your laundry has its hidden charms, especially on a quiet Pacific island like Vanuatu’s Erromango. Reproduced on my blog.

Family Health in the Pacific. Women and Cruising, April 2014. Don’t let paranoia hold you back from the adventure of a lifetime.

Highlights of the Society Islands. Blue Water Sailing, April 2014. A cruiser’s guide to the storied islands.

An Ocean of its Own: The Southwest Pacific. Ocean Navigator, March/April 2014. It’s not distance but conditions that define an offshore passage.

Destination Niue. Blue Water Sailing, March 2014. The Rock of Polynesia is a welcoming place and a unique stepping stone along the Coconut Milk Run.

Top Five Benefits of Extended Travel for Kids. Time to Roam, February/March 2014 (page 23). Thinking of packing up the family and taking an extended vacation? Five reasons why it’s a great idea. Also on my blog.

Kiwi Clam Chowdah. Cruising World, February 2014. This twist on New England clam chowder brings elements of home all the way to New Zealand.

The Magnificent Marquesas. Blue Water Sailing, January 2014. The best anchorages, hikes, and sights of this incredible island group - isolated, wild, and brooding.

Trash or Treasure? The Sailors’ Book Swap. Cruising World, January 2014. A cruiser’s book exchange can be a delightfully mixed bag, especially on a remote atoll in the Cook Islands. Reproduced on my blog.

Marquesas to Society Islands. Blue Water Sailing, December 2013. Be warned: the passages between the Marquesas, Tuamotus, and Society Islands may be relatively short, but not to be underestimated.

The Long Way Around: New Zealand to Fiji. Ocean Navigator, November/ December 2013. There’s the rhumb line, the great circle route, and the long way around…

Galapagos to Marquesas. Blue Water Sailing, November 2013. Our 3000 mile passage could be divided into three parts: an awful beginning, a long, glorious middle, and the home stretch.

Panama to Galapagos. Blue Water Sailing, October 2013. Jumping off from Panama to the Galapagos is the equivalent of jumping off a very high diving board into a very large swimming pool.

Port Antonio, Jamaica. Blue Water Sailing, October 2013. A safe and friendly place that welcomes cruisers with open arms.

Treasure Islands: Exploring Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. Blue Water Sailing, December 2010. Friends in low places introduce us to the treasures of the Hauraki Gulf.

Info and Entertainment at Sea. Ocean Navigator, July / August 2013. Do-it-yourself radio nets for ocean passage making.

Boat Barter. Cruising World, October 2013. Supplies were running low among the cruising fleet off a remote Tongan island until… Also on my blog.

Heiva on Tahiti. Blue Water Sailing, June 2013. At Tahiti’s annual Heiva festival, you can take in the song and dance performances and cheer on competitors in events like Fruit Basket Races, Stone Lifting, and Coconut Husking.

Atoll Cruising 101: The Tuamotus. Blue Water Sailing, May 2013. A beginner’s introduction to the Tuamotus: passes, weather, anchoring tips.

Navigating the Restrictions of the Enchanted Archipelago. Cruising World, December 2012. A brief guide for private yachts visiting the Galapagos Islands.

Let’s Get Together. Cruising World, December 2012. New friends share the recipe for a tropical holiday concoction.

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump to Panama. Ocean Navigator, October 2012. From Beaufort to San Blas in three unequal bites.

Shakedown South. Blue Water Sailing, September 2012. Getting reacquainted with the cruising lifestyle on an East Coast run.

Surefire Survey Strategies. Blue Water Sailing, December 2012. Getting the most out of every type of boat evaluation.

Quick, Easy, and Good: Convenience foods for the offshore sailor. Blue Water Sailing, November 2012.

Sustainable Dollars. Cruising World, August 2012. Enjoy cruising while supporting “green” local enterprises.

Waterfront People: Sailmaker Jan Pedersen, Cruising World, August 2012. Just how does a Norwegian sailmaker end up in Yarmouth, Maine?

The ICW: Not Just the Means to an End. Blue Water Sailing, July 2012. Seeing the coastline from the “inside” was an interlude we will remember fondly.

A Warm New England Welcome. Cruising World, May 2012. The story of the genuine hospitality extended to visiting sailors in Gloucester, Mass.

Maine: A Sailor’s Mecca. Blue Water Sailing, June 2012. Maine’s slogan is right: this is truly the way life should be.

Installing a Life Raft on the Coach Roof. Ocean Navigator (annual Ocean Voyager issue), 2012. Step-by-step how-to guide to installing a life raft (co-authored with Markus).

Panama Canal Update. Blue Water Sailing, April 2012. The latest news on transiting the Panama Canal.

A Windward Island Boat Boy to the Rescue. Cruising World, September 2012. Sometimes the nicest encounters come when you least expect them.

Every Little Bit. Cruising World, April 2012. Paradise lost? Cruisers show they care.

Offshore Safety Interview. Ocean Voyager, March 2013. For the crew of Namani, offshore safety goes beyond mere equipment.

She’s In Charge. Cruising World, March 2013. A profile of president Deborah Delp of Yankee Marina and Boatyard in Yarmouth, Maine.

Milos, Greece. Blue Water Sailing, April 2012. Lessons learned during a stopover in an (apparently) idyllic harbor in the Cyclades.

City Sailors. Cruising World, March 2012. New York City isn’t just for landlubbers, as local and visiting crews attest.

Gallic Globetrotter. Cruising World, March 2012. A review of the 1970s-1980s Dufour 35: a wonderful blend of classic features and innovation.

Double Duty: Poolside Fun. Cruising World, March 2012. In praise of the many uses of a small inflatable pool.

Bilge Yoga: The Latest Rage? Blue Water Sailing, March 2012. A humorous look at the contortion act required in do-it-yourself repairs.

Practical Tips and Responsible Cruising in Panama’s Kuna Yala. Caribbean Compass, February 2012 (pages 18-20). Maximize your enjoyment and minimize any inconvenient surprises when visting one of the world’s best cruising grounds with tips on what to expect, what to bring, buying a mola, and more.

The Ghosts of Saint Pierre. Cruising World, February 2012. You know you’re in for something different when a harbor chart looks like a tic-tac-toe board full of Xs.

Magical Malta: The Crossroads of the Mediterranean. Blue Water Sailing, January 2012. Impressions from a small island that straddles the centuries.

A Caribbean Highlight: The Kalinago Barana Aute. Blue Water Sailing, October 2011. Is there truly nothing left of indigenous Caribbean cultures apart from a few mute rock carvings? The answer lies on the Leeward island of Dominica.

Racing the Mistral. Blue Water Sailing, September 2011. Staying safely ahead of the famed Med winds.

Auckland Sites: Blue Water, Black Magic. Cruising World, September 2011. Family fun during a rainy day at the museum in Auckland, New Zealand.

Down East Dreamers and Doers. Cruising World, August 2011. A “Passage Notes” piece with input from a number of enthusiastic Maine sailors.

Atlantic Crossing. Cruising World, August 2011. Midnight aerobics help pass the hours and keep a sailor moving on a long ocean passage.

Giving Self-Steering a New Meaning. Ocean Navigator, July/August 2011. The failure of the wind pilot in mid-Atlantic gives our crew a new appreciation for our „silent helmsman.“

The Sooner, The Better. Blue Water Sailing, July 2011. Kindred spirits team up to explore New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

Hoist the Colors. Cruising World, June 2011. Creative tips on keeping the cruising boat stocked with courtesy flags for all occasions.

Of Ships and Songs. Blue Water Sailing, June 2011. Finding inspiration in Maine.

The Well-Dressed Cruiser. Blue Water Sailing, May 2011. BWS contributors dish up on what holds up, mile after mile (an article co-authored with other contributors).

Keeping Cruising Kids Tuned In to the Caribbean. Caribbean Compass, April 2011 (pages 24-25). If you want your kids to come away from a cruise with new knowledge or a new perspective, you should consciously cultivate an approach that will keep them tuned in.

Isla Cabrera: a Balearic Hideaway. Blue Water Sailing, April 2011. Eight miles off Majorca’s southeast corner lies our favorite Balearic hideaway, a study in contrasts to the mass tourism of Palma.

My German Engineer. Cruising World, February 2011. Sailing with an engineer has its advantages - and disadvantages!

Wee Things in Big Alaska: Exploring Prince William Sound’s Wetter Side. Blue Water Sailing, March 2011. A visit to a cruising friend in Alaska left us with many impressions, big and small.

Life on the Last Frontier. Cruising World, February 2011. Valdez, Alaska, has bold scenery and an adventurous community of cruisers.

Top Cruising Kids’ Field Trips in the Caribbean (and How to Make the Most of Them). Caribbean Compass, February 2011 (pages 26-27).

Blue Horizons: Ormos Kolona, Kithnos. Blue Water Sailing, March 2011. The ideal place to wash away the stress of Athens and rejoice in the marvelous simplicity of the cruising life.

Birthday Surprises: Magic Carpet Ride on the Sea. Cruising World, January 2011. The magic of an overnight Caribbean passage under a full moon.

Ten Thousand Miles of Summer. Marina Life, January 2011. A look back at our year-long sailing sabbatical, with a section on Kid-Friendly Boating Fun.

Six Tips for Home-schooling Sailors. Women and Cruising, December 2010.

Guests Aboard: Learning From Landlubbers. Cruising World, December 2010. It pays to invite friends aboard, even if all doesn’t go according to plan.

A Swell Time in Guadeloupe. Blue Water Sailing, November 2010. While in Guadeloupe, we sought shelter against an oncoming northern swell. Did we choose well?

12 Families Interviews, Women and Cruising, October 2010. A summary of our year at sea and what it meant to us as a family.

Back To School. Yachtpals, September 2010. A guide to home schooling for sailors.

Gunfire in the Anchorage. Cruising World, August 2010. Our peaceful sojourn in Terre de Bas is suddenly interrupted …

Leapfrog. Blue Water Sailing, August 2010. The story of our friendship with another cruising family, spanning nine months and 7000 miles.

Sardinia: Not just for Megayachts. Blue Water Sailing, August 2012. Sardinia can be a quiet, relaxed place for cruisers of every budget.

Magnifico: an Italian Interlude. Blue Water Sailing, July 2010. A cruising family bids life on land arrivederci and embarks on a year-long sailing sabbatical.

Kids Across the Sea. Cruising World, June 2010. An account of two families’ Atlantic crossings with children aboard.