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Connecting experience to education.

Natural learning opportunities arise everywhere - at home, on the road, on the beach. But valuable, transferable learning won’t just happen on its own. If your children are to gain a new body of knowledge that can be applied to future endeavors in school and in life, you will have to design explicit, focused, and relevant educational experiences. These books make useful materials available to those who see the world as a fascinating place for inquiry.

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Lesson Plans Ahoy!

Hands-on Learning for Sailing Children and Home Schooling Families

Sailing can be a rich educational experience for children - but valuable, transferable learning won’t just happen by itself. Whether you’re setting off on a summer cruise, crossing an ocean, or committing to a year or more of home schooling, Lesson Plans Ahoy will make learning relevant and enjoyable.

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Lesson Plans To Go

Hands-on Learning for Active and Home Schooling Families

Your ticket to a learning journey - anywhere! Lesson Plans To Go is for any parent interested in taking an active part in their children’s education, as well as for home schooling families. Rich educational opportunities arise when exploring and inquiring in informal settings: from the backyard to the beach, in museums and parks, or during a vacation or camper trip.


Where Jimmy Buffet meets Indiana Jones.

How much adventure is enough? Step into the exotic world of international sailing, where things are not always what they seem.

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The Silver Spider

Who will claim the prize?

A mountain of treasure in Panama: whose will it be? In 1667, a Spanish soldier makes a startling discovery. A vast treasure - or a curse?
Charlie Parker, engineer and adventurer, voyages to Central America to build the Panama Canal - and engage in a few extracurricular activities in his spare time.
Two modern-day sailors get more adventure than they bargained for when they unravel a cryptic tangle of clues. Have they inherited incredible riches - or just big trouble?

Rum for Neptune

When adventure takes a wrong turn…

Kate and Nick are just a couple of sailors out to escape the rat race. Where better to lose yourself in life and love than the islands of the South Pacific? But when a pair of mysterious chess pieces turn up, they find themselves unraveling the trail of a feisty whaler’s daughter from the 1800‘s, not to mention tangling with corrupt antiquities dealers, bitter eco-terrorists, and ruthless television starlets. Things go from bad to worse on this sailing adventure that leap-frogs from one stunning Polynesian island to another.

Currently in conceptual draft stage


Live the adventure – afoot and afloat.

Goals are dreams with a deadline, so push back the armchair and cast off the lines!

Pacific Crossing Notes

A Sailor’s Guide to the Coconut Milk Run

Pacific Crossing Notes covers everything from preparation, weather, and safety to detailed information on the island groups of the Coconut Milk Run: that is, the trade-wind route from the Americas to Australia. Along with information on clearing-in procedures, availability of supplies, and top anchorages and sights, this book covers Panama, the Galapagos Islands, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia.

Cruising the Caribbean with Kids

Fun, Facts, and Educational Activities

The Caribbean is a sailor’s dream, with its steady breezes, beautiful islands, and fascinating history. Sailing as a family only makes the experience richer. But how do you keep kids occupied on and off the boat? How can you keep them tuned in to their unique surroundings? This book answers those questions and more.