A smart and practical book!

Elizabeth Andrew on Goodreads and Amazon.com

Kids are learning all the time–especially when they’re not in school. In this thorough, easy-to-use handbook, Nadine Slavinski guides parents to be intentional about their kids’ learning. We can take ordinary moments, like looking at the moon or drinking glasses of water, and maximize their teaching potential. Lesson Plans To Go presents ten comprehensive units covering the basic academic subjects. It gives parents both the information they need to be smart about these subjects and the skills needed to present the subjects well. Slavinski is adept at finding hands-on activities that get kids out into the natural world or plunge them into projects. I especially appreciated how she lists adaptations for various age groups at the end of each lesson, making material that at first seemed out of bounds for my four-year-old quite doable. I can see using this book with my daughter for the next ten years. It’s also the perfect guide for homeschooling parents. Any teacher who quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson and James Bond has my vote! Thanks, Slavinski