Perfect for Families on the Go!

By Gina McAndrew, on and Goodreads

This new book by Nadine Slavinski is a must read for young families on the go! Whether you are in the house on a cold, rainy day or on an adventure across continents, Ms. Slavinski has a lesson for any occasion. The book is organized into ten units categorized by different school disciplines, making the book handy as both a reference tool and as a basic supplement to any curriculum. Your student will have fun, for example, exploring the voyages of Christopher Columbus with a variety of writing and art assignments. As a teacher of art and writing from preschool-highschool, I am supportive of curriculum that incorporate both into its lessons!

Each unit has a written lesson that is broken down further into parts: great detail! Ms. Slavinski also takes care to split out assignments by different age groups so that families with multiple students can easily choose individual projects. These projects could be anything from writing a persuasive letter to creating artwork that depicts different lands and people groups. These are all techniques that children need as they transition into upper level grades. The book also offers students a chance to self-assess their work by asking them questions which cause them to reflect on what they have learned.

“Lesson Plans to Go” is a wonderful addition to any bookshelf! I would go so far as to say that the lessons are easily adaptable to any situation, and could be easily used for other destinations or disciplines. I highly recommend this book for any family who wants to supplement their children’s education: the author is well-versed in the subject matter and has written the hands-on-learning assignments based on years of first-hand experience!

Gina McAndrew is the director of Potter’s Clay Art Studio in St. Peter’s, Missouri, with 70 homeschooling students.