Reviews of Lesson Plans Ahoy!

I am impressed

Lesson Plans Ahoy would be a great supplement to anybody who is customizing a curriculum for their children, or even as a supplement to a structured program. I am impressed with its thoroughness, and the index with all the links is very useful.

By Tania Aebi, solo circumnavigator and home schooling parent

It’s amazing!

It’s amazing! It is difficult to convey in a short review how applicable the lessons are to life aboard a boat… There’s a whole lot more packed in this 267-page book, and I strongly recommend all “boat schooling” families check out this valuable resource! … read more

By Carolyn Corbett for Good Old Boat Magazine (Minnesota, USA)

Can't wait to get back on the boat with my grandson to try some of this

Lesson Plans Ahoy is designed to make the best use of the environment of kids living on boats… I can’t wait to get back on the boat with my grandson to try some of this. And the lesson plans don’t just work for kids being home-schooled on boats. They would also be fun on a short coastal cruise or even on a seaside summertime vacation.

By Sandy Marsters, in Points East: The Boating Magazine for Coastal New England.

A great supplement

Slavinski has written a book for parents who want to educate their children while cruising on a sailboat. Whether you’re planning a summer cruise or an ocean crossing with your children, Lesson Plans Ahoy! will help make their onboard education more effective…and more fun. …read more

Windcheck Magazine, January 2012