Pacific Crossing Notes

Pacific Crossing Notes covers everything from preparation, weather, and safety to detailed information on the island groups of the Coconut Milk Run: that is, the trade-wind route from the Americas to Australia. Along with information on clearing-in procedures, availability of supplies, and top anchorages and sights, this book covers Panama, the Galapagos Islands, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. Separate sections describe a trip down the US East Coast, the Panama Canal, New Zealand, and Australia (including tips on selling a boat there for a one-way trip). This guide strives to balance facts with flavors, making it a book to keep you company during the countdown to your own passage as well as a practical guide to pull out as you face each successive landfall in the voyage of a lifetime.

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Frequent CW contributor Nadine Slavinski and Markus Schweitzer bring their wealth of experience to this well-written guide, which is chock-full of great tips and advice. The book reads like an easy conversation with a friend and covers the gamut, from ways to gain experience and choose and outfit your boat to radio nets, offshore weather and tropical landfalls. If this passage is in your dreams, put this guide on your bookshelf. - Cruising World Magazine

An attractively priced, no-nonsense guide filled with useful information…it offers a great deal in the way of advice and recommendations on everything from dealing with officials, winds, currents, and navigation, to the day-to-day challenges of ocean voyaging with a small family. A recommended and delightful read. - Ocean Navigator Magazine

What Slavinski and Schweitzer have done so well is merged their previous writings and personal preferences along with concrete facts on the places they visited. Part cruising guide, part personal journey, Pacific Crossing Notes combines to provide a conversational and informative resource that will be easy to come back to time and again. - Blue Water Sailing Magazine

Whether you’re an armchair sailor looking for a good story or a voyager contemplating a crossing of the world’s largest ocean, Pacific Crossing Notes is worthy of a place in your library. - Windcheck Magazine

Lesson Plans Ahoy!

Sailing can be a rich educational experience for children - but valuable, transferable learning won’t just happen by itself. Whether you’re setting off on a summer cruise, crossing an ocean, or committing to a year or more of home schooling, Lesson Plans Ahoy will make learning relevant and enjoyable. This expanded edition includes a new section on the how-to’s of home schooling on a boat with everything parents need to choose or design their own program.

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Connect experience to education with ten detailed units, including:

  • Science: Model the lunar cycle, dissect a fish, and try chemistry.
  • Mathematics: Graph resource use and study geometry.
  • Writing: A thorough primer for journal, non-fiction, and creative writing.
  • History: Bring the voyages of Columbus and Captain Cook to life.
  • Navigation: Compass use, hands-on mapping, and more.
  • Physical Education: Study heart rate and exercise – on your boat!

Each unit includes detailed information on:

  • Materials required - selected for practicality on a boat.
  • Activities and assignments that your child will enjoy.
  • Age-Appropriate Adaptations for ages 4-12 in detail.
  • Tips for cross-curricular links and enrichment.
  • Suggested resources to support learning.

Plus sections that detail:

  • The pros and cons of packaged versus self-designed programs.
  • Strategies for schooling on board.
  • Structuring a curriculum from overall plan to daily lessons.

Useful appendices, including:

  • Resources, Interdisciplinary Units, and Field Trips.
  • Sample unit breakdowns.
  • Cross-reference to academic standards in national and state curricula (US, UK, Canada, and Australia).

Connect experience to education as a family, and reap the rewards!


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