Interview - Cruising French Polynesia

I was recently interviewed by Linus Wilson of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast about cruising in French Polynesia. You can listen in to the episode here to learn about our favorite places, words of caution, and more.

Magical Malta: the Crossroads of the Mediterranean

It’s hard to cruise the Mediterranean and miss Malta, an island literally at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa. There, it’s as common to meet sailors heading east for the Red Sea as those heading west to Gibraltar, as we were. From the very start of our cruise two months earlier, we had looked forward to visiting this small island that straddles the centuries, and when we arrived… Read on here!

If It's Broke...

It’s not that you shouldn’t try to fix anything that breaks; it’s just that you don’t necessarily have to fix everything that breaks. The key is knowing when to give in and get on with your cruise. Read more here…

Honorable mention: Stay or Go?

What a nice surprise! My article “Should I Stay or Should I Go” recently received a merit award at Boat Writer’s International annual writing content in the “Boating Adventures” category. It recounts the tricky decision we had to make whether to weather a storm in Tonga or try to beat it with a quick passage to New Zealand. Here’s an excerpt of the article, published in the September 2015 issue of Ocean Navigator magazine… Read on here…

Magic Carpet Ride

So many things are lost when we busy ourselves with “civilized” lives on land; so many great, though simple, pleasures can be regained by spending time on the sea. There, we quickly shrink to humble proportions amidst greater forces: the wind, waves, and tides. On one magical overnight passage in the Caribbean, these elements harmonized, treating us to a memorable ride. Read more…


Trash or Treasure: the Sailor's Book Swap

A cruiser’s book exchange can be a delightfully mixed bag, especially on a remote atoll in the Cook Islands. Continue reading…

Hoist the Colors

Every cruiser knows the importance of flying the host nation’s courtesy flag. But what if you find yourself unprepared? Maybe the wind changed your plans. Maybe you refused to buy the overpriced, undersized flag at the last chandlery. Or maybe you just plain forgot. What then? Not to worry! With a little imagination, you can jury-rig any flag of the world. Read more here

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Is it too much to claim that Port Antonio is one of the most overlooked highlights of the Caribbean? Our plans to call there were poo-pooed by sailors all along the US East Coast who warned us of lurking dangers and rampant crime. But our week-long stay proved the opposite: Port Antonio is a safe, friendly place that welcomes cruisers with open arms. Continue reading…

Cruising the Caribbean with Kids

The Caribbean is a sailor’s dream, with its steady breezes, beautiful islands, and fascinating history. Sailing as a family only makes the experience richer. But how do you keep kids occupied on and off the boat? How can you keep them tuned in to their unique surroundings? This book answers those questions and more. It’s intended as a resource for sailing families of all types, whether you’re kicking back during a week-long charter, setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime, or hosting the grandkids on your liveaboard during their school vacation. Covering topics from entertainment to education and safety to social skills, this book contains a wealth of information for first-time sailors and old hands alike. Sailors who set their sights on other cruising grounds will find that the core principles can be applied in anywhere in the world.

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Many Hands Make Light Work

You’d think that a solitary South Seas anchorage filling up with sixty sailors aboard six charter catamarans would spell bad news for the handful of full-time cruisers already moored there. Instead, it was the prelude to one of our fondest South Pacific memories. Continue reading…


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