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We’ve done two extended seabatticals, and the emotional process of transitioning back was very different each time. In this post, I’ll talk about how each of us transitioned back and what factors helped ease or complicate that process. It’s never easy to leave the sailing life behind, though, and we’ll never stop dreaming of new horizons. Continue reading…

Cruising the Caribbean with Kids

The Caribbean is a sailor’s dream, with its steady breezes, beautiful islands, and fascinating history. Sailing as a family only makes the experience richer. But how do you keep kids occupied on and off the boat? How can you keep them tuned in to their unique surroundings? This book answers those questions and more. It’s intended as a resource for sailing families of all types, whether you’re kicking back during a week-long charter, setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime, or hosting the grandkids on your liveaboard during their school vacation. Covering topics from entertainment to education and safety to social skills, this book contains a wealth of information for first-time sailors and old hands alike. Sailors who set their sights on other cruising grounds will find that the core principles can be applied in anywhere in the world.

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Pacific Crossing Notes - coming soon!

Pacific sailing

Watch for our new title, coming soon! Pacific Crossing Notes: a Sailor’s Guide to the Coconut Milk Run covers everything from preparation, weather, and safety to detailed information on the island groups of the Coconut Milk Run: the trade-wind route from the Americas to Australia. Continue reading…

Home-Schooling: What About Social Skills?

There seems to be a common myth that sailing children are too isolated to develop healthy social skills. I worried about it, too, before setting off for our first sailing adventure. But now that we’ve sailed halfway around the world and lived aboard our 35 foot sloop for four years, I can assure you that the family adventure of a lifetime awaits… Continue reading…

The Laundry’s Day Out

Not every sailor does their laundry in a bucket. But hand washing has its hidden charms, especially on a quiet Pacific island like Vanuatu’s Erromango…
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All Treat, No Trick: Halloween in Tonga

Just how do you “do” Halloween in a remote Pacific anchorage?
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The Boater’s Barter Economy

Out on northern Tonga’s remote Kenutu island, we had it all: a lush, uninhabited paradise, turquoise anchorage, vibrant coral reefs. If only we weren’t running low on supplies…
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Rum for Neptune

Kate and Nick are just a couple of sailors out to escape the rat race. Where better to lose yourself in life and love than the islands of the South Pacific? But when a pair of mysterious chess pieces turn up, they find themselves unraveling the crytic trail left by a whaler’s daughter in the 1800s and tangling with corrupt antiquities dealers, bitter eco-terrorists, and ruthless television starlets. Things go from bad to worse on this sailing adventure that leap-frogs from one stunning Polynesian island to another.

The Silver Spider

A mountain of treasure in Panama: whose will it be? In 1667, a Spanish soldier makes a startling discovery. A vast treasure - or a curse? Charlie Parker, engineer and adventurer, voyages to Central America to build the Panama Canal - and engage in a few extracurricular activities in his spare time. Two modern-day sailors get more adventure than they bargained for when they unravel a cryptic tangle of clues. Have they inherited incredible riches - or just big trouble?

Pieces of Eight. A silver spider. Plotting pirates. Scheming cartels. A treasure map without an X. Who will claim the prize?

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Lesson Plans Ahoy!

Sailing can be a rich educational experience for children - but valuable, transferable learning won’t just happen by itself. Whether you’re setting off on a summer cruise, crossing an ocean, or committing to a year or more of home schooling, Lesson Plans Ahoy will make learning relevant and enjoyable. This expanded edition includes a new section on the how-to’s of home schooling on a boat with everything parents need to choose or design their own program.

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Connect experience to education with ten detailed units, including:

  • Science: Model the lunar cycle, dissect a fish, and try chemistry.
  • Mathematics: Graph resource use and study geometry.
  • Writing: A thorough primer for journal, non-fiction, and creative writing.
  • History: Bring the voyages of Columbus and Captain Cook to life.
  • Navigation: Compass use, hands-on mapping, and more.
  • Physical Education: Study heart rate and exercise – on your boat!

Each unit includes detailed information on:

  • Materials required - selected for practicality on a boat.
  • Activities and assignments that your child will enjoy.
  • Age-Appropriate Adaptations for ages 4-12 in detail.
  • Tips for cross-curricular links and enrichment.
  • Suggested resources to support learning.

Plus sections that detail:

  • The pros and cons of packaged versus self-designed programs.
  • Strategies for schooling on board.
  • Structuring a curriculum from overall plan to daily lessons.

Useful appendices, including:

  • Resources, Interdisciplinary Units, and Field Trips.
  • Sample unit breakdowns.
  • Cross-reference to academic standards in national and state curricula (US, UK, Canada, and Australia).

Connect experience to education as a family, and reap the rewards!


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