Busy Kids, Happy Kids: Part 3

In this series of excerpts from my book, Cruising the Caribbean with Kids, I’ll share ideas for keeping sailing kids busy, happy, and tuned in to their surroundings. Part 3 on monitoring resources here!

Busy Kids, Happy Kids: Part 1

In this series of excerpts from my book, Cruising the Caribbean with Kids, I’ll share ideas for keeping sailing kids busy, happy, and tuned in to their surroundings. Part 1 (on keepig kids involved in boat operations) here!

Planning a Field Trip

An excerpt from Cruising the Caribbean with Kids, with tips on designing fun and educational field trips - tips that can applied anywhere in the world by inquisitve families on the go. Continue reading…

Cruising the Caribbean with Kids

The Caribbean is a sailor’s dream, with its steady breezes, beautiful islands, and fascinating history. Sailing as a family only makes the experience richer. But how do you keep kids occupied on and off the boat? How can you keep them tuned in to their unique surroundings? This book answers those questions and more. It’s intended as a resource for sailing families of all types, whether you’re kicking back during a week-long charter, setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime, or hosting the grandkids on your liveaboard during their school vacation. Covering topics from entertainment to education and safety to social skills, this book contains a wealth of information for first-time sailors and old hands alike. Sailors who set their sights on other cruising grounds will find that the core principles can be applied in anywhere in the world.

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Six Tips for Homeschooling Sailors

Taking your children’s education to sea is not always simple, but neither is it a deeply complicated mystery. With careful decision-making and sensible preparations – just what you need for going cruising in general – you can let your children profit from an incredible learning opportunity. Continue reading…

Spicing Up Down Time

It’s easy to spice up down time for your kids, whether that’s on your next road trip, a visit to the grandparents, or a quiet weekend at home (for us sailors, that means a quiet day afloat). Just try the following activities to speed up slow hours for a fun ‭(and educational) family time. Continue reading…

The Benefits of Extended Travel as a Family

I was asked to write about the benefits of extended travel as a family for the Australian Camper / Campervan magazine, Time to Roam (February/March 2014 issue). In brief, some of the benefits are: perspective, the magic of family time, appreciating limited resources, exhaling (ie.relaxing) and learning to schedule free time. Continue reading…

Home-Schooling: What About Social Skills?

There seems to be a common myth that sailing children are too isolated to develop healthy social skills. I worried about it, too, before setting off for our first sailing adventure. But now that we’ve sailed halfway around the world and lived aboard our 35 foot sloop for four years, I can assure you that the family adventure of a lifetime awaits… Continue reading…

Motivation, Part 2: When to stick to your routine, and when to break it

Some days, even the best of us fall into a rut and drag our heels. That’s when it might be time to break your routine and put the pep back into your lessons. Continue reading …

Motivation, Part 1: It's all in the packaging

Remember that old trick to quiet kids down? Let’s see who can be quiet for the longest time! It worked as long as the kids thought it was a game. Something special. Different. Fun. The same trick can be applied to schooling – just try a photo essay.
Continue reading …


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