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On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part I: genesis of a novel

I began to sketch the preliminary concept of a suspense novel when we were at sea for twenty-eight days straight, sailing from the Galapagos Islands to the Marquesas. Thirty-five feet of fibreglass - our floating home, Namani - doesn’t leave a lot of room to pace, but plenty of room for an imagination full with observations on the fun, fascinating world of cruising sailors. Continue reading…

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to nslavinski.com where I hope to provide fresh thoughts for adventurous minds to chew on once in a blue moon (or in crazy times like these with the corona virus). Some blog posts are aimed at readers looking for interesting tidbits – beach combing, if you will – on education or sailing, while others focus on my novel, The Silver Spider. All the posts are tagged so that you can quickly narrow your search to a single topic, be it education, sailing, or the trail of the Silver Spider. Scroll down for more and enjoy!

In Search of the Polish Navy

A sentimental tribute to my dad, who inspired my sailing (among many other things).

My family always got a good laugh from my mother’s stories about the “Polish Navy.” That’s how she referred to the sincere but sometimes misguided attempts of my Polish-born father and his friend to launch their sailing dreams. Listing hulls, ugly figureheads, and unconventional ballast ratios: her stories were guaranteed to work us into side-splitting hoots of laughter. Now an adult and a boat-owner myself, I have a new appreciation for what the Polish Navy was all about - and I can’t help but wonder what became of the bold venture launched so long ago in New Jersey’s Raritan Bay. Read more here…

My German Engineer

Lucky me: I have my very own German Engineer husband. He’s very sweet. He never barks orders. He’s the man on hand for anything that goes kaputt – or doesn’t, thanks to his diligent preventative measures. Just what you need for cruising! Read more here…

Lockdown Learning, Part 2: the power of a DAILY ROAD MAP

It can be hard for students (and parents) to face a long day of schoolwork at home. All those hours of work looming ahead can seem endless. The key to overcoming this is a daily road map which lays out the tasks for the day. So today, this short series of “Lockdown Learning” posts will cover the POWER OF A DAILY ROAD MAP. I hope these posts help parents with basic strategies that will smooth out the process of remote learning. Read more here…

Lockdown Learning, Part 1: FEEDBACK & REWARDS

It’s not just you – lots of parents are struggling to keep their kids motivated during the corona lockdown, not to mention struggling to juggle other responsibilities. This short series of posts aims to arm parents with some basic strategies that will smooth out the process. In Part 1, we’ll cover FEEDBACK and REWARDS. Read more here…

Interview - Cruising French Polynesia

I was recently interviewed by Linus Wilson of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast about cruising in French Polynesia. You can listen in to the episode here to learn about our favorite places, words of caution, and more.

Island Escapes

There are a lot of places we dream of going back to in the South Pacific, but one my mind keeps wandering back to is Urupukapuka in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. Read more here

A fun tradition

Putting a new coat of antifouling on the hull isn’t always fun, but we started a tradition that helped make an occasion out of the job. We paint the lat/long of our position at the time of painting onto the hull first and snap a photo. It gets covered over soon enough, but we now have a nice collage from all around the world! See blog post here!

The Floor of Heaven

“I spotted a lighthouse that looked as if it reached all the way to the floor of heaven.” That’s just one of many great lines in Jimmy Buffett’s romp of a sailing yarn, A Salty Piece of Land. And it’s absolutely true, as we discovered upon sailing to Amédée lighthouse in New Caledonia’s magnificent lagoon. *Read more here…


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