Reviews of Lesson Plans To Go

Perfect for Families on the Go!

From the director of Potter’s Clay Art Studio in St. Peter’s, Missouri, with 70 homeschooling students.

This new book by Nadine Slavinski is a must read for young families on the go! Whether you are in the house on a cold, rainy day or on an adventure across continents, Ms. Slavinski has a lesson for any occasion. The book is organized into ten units categorized by different school disciplines, making the book handy as both a reference tool and as a basic supplement to any curriculum. …read more

By Gina McAndrew, on and Goodreads

A smart and practical book!

In this thorough, easy-to-use handbook, Nadine Slavinski guides parents to be intentional about their kids’ learning… Slavinski is adept at finding hands-on activities that get kids out into the natural world or plunge them into projects. I can see using this book with my daughter for the next ten years. …read more

Elizabeth Andrew on Goodreads and

A valuable investment for every family with children

… not only does (Slavinski) cover science, math, writing, history, navigation and physical education, each of the ten extensive lessons include age-appropriate adaptations, covering the range of about four- to twelve-year-olds…. all parents who would like to help their children see learning as fun and an inherent aspect of living will get much out of this book. …read more

By Linda Dobson of Parent at the Helm - home schooling advocate, speaker, and author of multiple titles, including The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community, and Self