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Planning a Field Trip

An excerpt from Cruising the Caribbean with Kids, with tips on designing fun and educational field trips - tips that can applied anywhere in the world by inquisitve families on the go. Continue reading…

Cruising the Caribbean with Kids

The Caribbean is a sailor’s dream, with its steady breezes, beautiful islands, and fascinating history. Sailing as a family only makes the experience richer. But how do you keep kids occupied on and off the boat? How can you keep them tuned in to their unique surroundings? This book answers those questions and more. It’s intended as a resource for sailing families of all types, whether you’re kicking back during a week-long charter, setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime, or hosting the grandkids on your liveaboard during their school vacation. Covering topics from entertainment to education and safety to social skills, this book contains a wealth of information for first-time sailors and old hands alike. Sailors who set their sights on other cruising grounds will find that the core principles can be applied in anywhere in the world.

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Spicing Up Down Time

It’s easy to spice up down time for your kids, whether that’s on your next road trip, a visit to the grandparents, or a quiet weekend at home (for us sailors, that means a quiet day afloat). Just try the following activities to speed up slow hours for a fun ‭(and educational) family time. Continue reading…

Lesson Plans To Go

Your ticket to a learning journey - anywhere! Lesson Plans To Go is for any parent interested in taking an active part in their children’s education, as well as for home schooling families. Rich educational opportunities arise when exploring and inquiring in informal settings: from the backyard to the beach, in museums and parks, or during a vacation or camper trip. But valuable, transferable learning won’t just happen by itself. The hands-on units in this book will make learning explicit, focused, and enjoyable. An introductory section, Tips for Teaching, describes how to make the most of field trips, design interdisciplinary units, and link selected units to published educational standards.

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Ten detailed units include:

  • Science: Model the lunar cycle, dissect a fish, and try chemistry.
  • Mathematics: Graph resource use and study geometry.
  • Writing: Develop journal, non-fiction, and creative writing skills.
  • History: Bring the voyages of Columbus and Lewis & Clark to life.
  • Navigation: Compass use, hands-on mapping, and more.
  • Physical Education: Study heart rate and exercise – anywhere!

Each unit includes detailed information on:

  • Activities and assignments that your child will enjoy.
  • Age-Appropriate Adaptations for ages 4-12 in detail.
  • Tips for cross-curricular links and enrichment.
  • Suggested resources to support learning.
  • Materials required (selected for practicality).

Plus sections that detail how to:

  • Make the most of field trips.
  • Design interdisciplinary units.
  • Link selected units to published educational standards.

Useful appendices, including:

  • Other topics for hands-on studies.
  • Sample unit breakdowns.
  • Cross-reference to academic standards.

Connect experience to education as a family, and reap the rewards!

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